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Conference MC

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Jehan Casinader

Our conference MC, Jehan Casinader, is an award-winning journalist, keynote speaker and mental health advocate.

He was named “Broadcast Reporter of the Year” at the Voyager Media Awards in 2020, and “Reporter of the Year” at the New Zealand Television Awards in 2018.

In the aftermath of natural disasters, terror attacks, sporting triumphs and everything in between, Jehan has helped hundreds of Kiwis to share their vulnerable and deeply personal stories with the rest of the country.

A survivor of depression and suicidality, he is the author of This Is Not How It Ends: How rewriting your story can save your life (HarperCollins).

Alongside his journalism work, Jehan speaks to a wide range of organisations about the transformative power of storytelling – in the areas of wellbeing, leadership and diversity. He’s passionate about health and wellbeing in rural communities.

Jehan will share his own journey with us in a special keynote during the conference.