Friday, 9 — Saturday, 10 September 2022

Pre-conference workshop

Rural Health Research and Education

This year’s Rural Research Day will signal a shift as it moves under the banner of Hauora Taiwhenua Rural Health Research and Education Chapter.

Changes of this magnitude often provide an opportunity to pause, rethink, reshape and move forward and no more so than the reality that a lot has changed since the last face to face Rural Research Day in 2019. This year, the time together will be spent discussing how the Chapter will work together to support and develop the upcoming rural health research workforce, and the contribution the Chapter can make to improving the health and wellbeing of rural NZ. This will shape the role of future Rural Research Days in this.

The section of the Chapter Charter that describes the aims of the Rural Health Research and Education Chapter of Hauora Taiwhenua is shown below.

Registration fees (includes lunch and afternoon tea)

  • Delegate $95.00 per person
  • Student/Virtual livestream $35.00 per person

You can register for the workshop when you register for the conference. If you wish to only go to the workshop and not the conference, please contact Rachel Cook and she will finalise your registration directly.

 1.00 – 1.30pmGetting together over lunch
 1.30 – 2.00pm

Purpose of the day
Assoc/Prof Garry Nixon

HTRHN: Our Charter, Our Chapter
Dr Grant Davidson

The evolving focus of the Rural Research Day / how we got to today – on behalf of the RNZCGPs Rural Chapter 
Dr Greville Wood, Dr Grahame Jelley, Dr Buzz Burrell

 2.00 – 3.00pm“Developing the role and capacity of academics in a broad-based rural health advocacy network such as Hauora Taiwhenua”
Prof Ruth Stewart, Australian Rural Health Commissioner
 3.00 – 3.15pm

Rural Research updates from the Universities:

  • Auckland - Dr Kyle Eggleton
  • Waikato - Prof Roger Strasser
  • Otago - Dr Sampsa Kiuru
 3.15 – 3.30pm Afternoon tea
 3.30 – 4.30pmBringing the Research and Education Chapter to life: What we want to do and how we might do it?
Assoc/Prof Garry Nixon
 4.30 – 5.00pm

Chapter Inaugural General Meeting


1. Chapter activity
- Co-Chairs (2) also Council Representatives
- Committee Members (6)

2. RNZCGPs Research awards and prizes


The charter outlines the objects of the Chapter:

  1. Be recognised as the nationally respected advocate and voice of rural health and wellbeing research in Aotearoa New Zealand.
  2. Work with rural communities and rural health/wellbeing groups to identify key research questions, prioritise these and find ways to provide well researched answers to them: in rural, by rural, for rural Aotearoa New Zealand.
  3. Foster collaboration between rural research and education institutions, and those involved in rural research and education, for the benefit of rural community health and wellbeing.
  4. Help support the building of capacity and capability in those wanting to be involved in rural research and education. Key to this is striving to achieve equity for Māori in this field.
  5. Collaborating with other Chapters of Hauora Taiwhenua to provide an evidence-based approach to developing a rural health and wellbeing strategy and to inform policy.
  6. Collaborate with other Chapters of HTRHN to provide evidence-based advice on any issues that are raised within their Chapter’s rural stakeholder group.
  7. Provide expert research and education advice to the Council, Board and HTRHN management on:
  8. Content of the HTRHN online repository of innovation, research, and related resources
  9. HTRHN’s responses to requests for endorsement of research applications and proposals
  10. Allocation of any funds available for research, student internships, etc.
  11. Content of the HTRHN Annual Conference and other Chapter Events e.g. Ruralfest, Rural Hospital Summit