Friday, 9 — Saturday, 10 September 2022

Pre-conference workshop

General Practitioner Referred ACC funded MRI

The General Practitioner referred Magnetic Resonance Imaging (GP MRI) programme enables general practitioners (GPs) to have the right tools to manage injured patients in a timely and effective way.

The GP MRI programme enables patients who have a knee, lumbar spine, or cervical spine injury that meets clinical criteria to be directly referred for an MRI by trained GPs.

The pathways focus on patients with knee and back (cervical and lumbar spine) injuries. Historically GPs could only refer for a low-tech imaging x-ray or ultrasound, with all high-tech imaging restricted to specialist requests. This is no longer the case and therefore the time to definitive diagnosis for clients requiring MRI for knee or back injury reduces by an average of 16 working days.

A clinical assessment informed by the pathways, allow GPs to triage patients and ensures referrals to orthopaedic specialists are more informed and appropriate. This frees up specialist time to focus on those patients who are most in need. It strengthens relationships between primary care and specialists, integrating health providers to deliver the best outcome for patients.

ACC funded referrals under these pathways can only be provided by general practitioners who are vocationally registered medical doctors, or medical doctors working in a general practice setting. General Practitioners must have completed an approved GP MRI training programme.

The training sessions led by an experienced team from Pegasus Health, will run for 2-3 hours, include further explanation of the Clinical Guidelines and hands on instruction around the assessment of the three body regions by an experienced physiotherapist/doctor team.

Once completed, the trained GP will be awarded a certificate and be approved for direct ACC funded MRI referrals on these three pathways in their region.

This course carries medical education points and aims to upskill your musculoskeletal knowledge.

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