Jason Shon Bennett


Jason Shon Bennett is a self-cured health researcher, best-selling author and international keynote speaker. His trademark approachable, humorous and down to earth manner has seen him inspire and educate people all over the world on how to completely transform their health.

It was Jason's own journey to health and well-being that inspired him to help others. Born sickly, and two months premature, throughout his life he suffered asthma, constipation, digestive upsets, bad skin, allergies, hay fever, weight gain and fatigue, alongside regular colds, flu, bugs and sickness that would have him in bed for months every year. He was on Ventolin daily (up to 16 shots), regular steroid injections and Intal preventers for over 20 years. Told by his doctors that his illnesses were 'incurable' he had no option but to find his own solution. Having his first child in 1989 was the motivation he needed to do so.

He decided to focus on rebuilding his health the natural way; through changing his diet, lifestyle and environment. Jason has now been illness free and off all medication for over 20 years and he believes anyone can achieve this level of health if they are willing to do the work. He has worked with people who are experiencing diseases such as cancers, heart disease, asthma, allergies, arthritis, osteoporosis, digestive disorders, cognitive decline and more.

Jason's cutting-edge work and unique take on health is highly regarded. He has lectured and presented seminars to doctors, pharmacists, health professionals, corporates, businesses, universities and the general public, across New Zealand, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, the UK, Fiji, Australia and Canada. Along with his wife Tracey he set up what has become 'The Exceptional Health Company' in Auckland in 2010, where they now have a team of specialists including naturopaths, medical herbalists, nutritionists, wholefood chefs and registered nurses.

Eager to spread his message even further Jason's first book Eat less, Live Long was released in March 2014, became an instant hit and was reprinted within weeks of being launched. His second book, My 20 GOLDEN Rules, was released in May 2015 and also became an immediate hit.

Jason appeared on The Leighton Smith show in 2014 and was so popular, the designated 5minute spot turned in a 90 minute interview with the switchboards jammed. He has also appeared on Breakfast TV in NZ and the #1 rated " 9am" Morning TV Show in Australia.

Jason is one of the new breed of health educators; funny yet sobering, experienced yet light-hearted, self-cured and walks the talk. He has been in the industry for over 30 years yet is passionate and energetic, and is a very experienced father to four and grandfather to one! What Jason does best is inspire and move people into sustainable actions around their health. He has that rare ability to not only motivate but to also educate in such a way that people understand why they are unwell, what they can do about it, and exactly how to go about achieving it.




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