Jackie Clapperton


My current role is with St John in Gisborne.  I am a Nurse Practitioner and an Intensive Care Paramedic.  This equates to nearly two years as an NP, 16 years as an Intensive Care Paramedic, 24 years as a Registered Nurse with a background in emergency and orthopaedic nursing. I had a clear vision in my head that a Nurse Practitioner role could bring extended benefits and care to the patients that I see everyday in an emergency ambulance or rescue helicopter.  As with anything new there is always going to be that element of uncertainty that will challenge you and question you from every angle you expected and those that you didn't. I found the best way to manage this was just to get on with it and deal with any issues that came my way.  The pathway and those experiences are what I would like to share with you. When you think about it uncertainty in an emergency nursing world is what we can thrive on to make a positive contribution to the patients we see and treat.

Unfortunately until I became a Nurse Practitioner I felt as though the Registered Nurse part of me had become invisible and confused by people only seeing the intensive care paramedic role.  To be valued again because of my nursing background has been uplifting and helped me push forward and pioneer an exciting new role.

My family has played a large part in providing that reassurance, supporting me through the stressful times and celebrating the successes.  My husband (who is also my boss and an intensive care paramedic), our five children and five grandchildren are integral to keeping our lives busy. That combined with our love of travel and our sport of triathlon round out a wonderfully busy life.

Abstract Title: Balance. No results. No excuses.

This presentation aims to introduce you to the unique role that has been operating within St John for two years now.  The combination of Nurse Practitioner and Intensive Care Paramedic skill sets aim to make a positive contribution to patient outcomes in a community that is isolated and struggles to attract a stable GP workforce. This presentation shares the journey to fruition, the relationships that have been established and case study examples to provide some clarity and insight to the role.  The diversity of the role and future pathways will also be discussed.

The theme of balance is relative to the role and the prehospital setting in the sense of key performance indicators that must be met, workforce availability and doing the right thing. Balance is nothing without stability.  Stability is even harder to maintain when the ground you are breaking continues to evolve. Being a pioneer is scary and stressful at times but at the other end of the scale rewarding when patient outcomes are improved.

St John as an organisation has been supportive in having a Nurse Practitioner contribute to and enhance seamless and coordinated patient care.  Below are St John core values which emphasise the principles behind taking the plunge and trying a new way.



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